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In Reiki Level I

Students become acquainted with Reiki energy and are taught how to perform healing sessions on the self and others in person.

Different ways to feel energy & Self-Treatment Techniques.  You will also receive a 21 day treatment plan.

$150 -  2 half days

Reiki Level II

Is considered a Practitioner's Level. After the Introduction to Reiki II and the Ethics of the Reiki, you will receive an Attunement and you will be given ancient symbols that will allow you to work with Reiki energy in person or in distance.

$200 - 2 half days

Reiki Level III and Master Level (3 days)

There is typically a 6 month time period from finishing Reiki level 2 and becoming eligible to receive the  Level 3 and Master  Reiki.

Level III 

Advanced Practitioner

The initiation in this level will increase your capacity to channel the Universal Energy. In this level, you will be introduced to the Master Symbol.

$650 - 2 days

Usui Tibetan Master Level

Will further open the central energy channel and you will be given additional Tibetan Master Symbols.

Completing this level will give you the ability to teach and initiate Reiki to others so that they can use it for their self-discovery and healing.

$200 - 1 day

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