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From $600 for 2 hours minimum

(*All house or space cleansing is done by Suzana in person plus one assistant)

Free 15 min phone consultation

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 Urth Sisters House Blessing

With our distinct URTH SISTERS™ method over the years, in many different countries, we have successfully performed House Cleansing or Blessing Ceremonies and Rituals which contributed to the shift from financially drained, to prosperous homes and businesses, from couples quarrels to happy loving relationships, from dark full of sadness to vibrant and joyful places. Trust me we have seen a lot.


As we all know, regular use of Sage, Palo Santo, and other smudging ingredient is great and beneficial, in many cases is not enough.

To transform hefty stagnant energies and to close open portals found in the homes, land, or workplaces, it takes specific skills and experience.

In our ceremonies, we use a combination of techniques that have been in our family for many generations or learned from our great masters, using specific language, rare ingredients, secret objects, talismans, and amulets. Depending on the size of the house or space it can take between 3 to 5 hours (very really longer), and that may include cleansing of the people that are living in.

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Our home is our sanctuary. It is a sacred place, a source of energy, a place where we should feel the most comfortable and protected. When the balance is interrupted or the energy is compromised it reflects negatively on our well being, our performance and can affect the relationships that are important to us. To ensure the healthy circulation of energy in your home it is necessary to cleanse your house whenever you experience a negative event, or you have been attacked by fear, sadness, or depression

Some examples:

  • Anytime you desire fresh energy for a new project or beginning.

  • Improve your relationships and restore joy, peace, and harmony

  • After a divorce or break-up

  • After an argument or traumatic experience

  • After a spell of bad luck 

  • When struggling with depression 

  • To overcome procrastination

  • To increase health and vitality 

  • Remove blocks and stimulate creativity and productivity 

  • When you move into a new space

  • When you want to sell your property but is taking a long time

  • After an illness or death



It is important that you make an effort to understand the energy of the people who have been there before you. For example, if the people who lived in the home before you went through a difficult and quarrelsome divorce; the next couple to take the home may unexplainable find themselves, bickering and disagreeing, perhaps even divorcing. Or if there was a serious illness in the space it is possible that an individual can take on the symptoms of the disease, not understanding why. It is similar to bankruptcy, depression, confusion and other emotional energies can also be transferred in this way. 


Our workplace is where we spend a big part of the day, and some fortunately are well balanced and harmonious. However, most of the places are laced with resentment, envy, jealousy, rivalry, manipulativeness  and so on. All that can interrupt the flow of positive energy and result in stagnation of all kinds of losses. In order to be  prosperous, successful, and productive, it is important to bring back the positive and  vibrant energy flow.

After the spiritual cleansing, the productivity and success in your business place will increase noticeably, by creating a smooth flow throughout the day and the coworkers and keeping the stress levels down.  It will definitely feel energized and make the office a more united nicer place to work.


Everyone is affected by these negative energies although some of us are more sensitive to them than others. They can remain active for a very long time, but the good thing is that these conditions can be remedied and transformed into an environment that is protective, healing and helpful.

When doing the cleansing, it is important not to rush and to be done thoroughly. Depending on the size of the property normally can take from 2 up to 5 hours.  A spiritual house cleansing, when done correctly, breaks curses and removes phantoms and unwanted energy beings so the balance and harmony can be restored again.

"I choose to do great things today

for myself and others."


"My life is free from clutter and drama. I welcome the flow of abundance

and joy."

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