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Hi, We're  the Urth Sisters!

Welcome to Our World 

For those tuning in now and who haven’t met us yet,  we would like to tell you little about our selves.

Born in Macedonia, coming from a long lineage of healers, herbalists, and mystics, we were exposed to learning the practice from an early age. 

In our adolescence, we put all aside and went to London to pursue the mundane life. Graduating in fine art and photography, we created a quiet comfortable, and cozy life and become embedded in the art and fashion world, that lasted for more than a decade. 

As the success and “security” was growing, so was the feeling of disconnection and dissatisfaction in both of us. After long and extended consideration we realized it is a time to get back on a spiritual path and to leave all behind.

So here we are 20 years later still feeling blessed to be able to inspire and motivate spiritual women and conscious men all over the world and share our work with everyone who feels called to it.

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