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Hi, We're  the Urth Sisters!

Welcome to Our World 


For those tuning in now and who haven’t met us yet,  we would like to tell you a little about ourselves.

We are both intuitive channels born in Macedonia. Coming from a long lineage of Slavic healers and Mediterranean herbalists, and mystics, we were exposed to learning the practice from a very early age. 

In our adolescence, allured by the pop culture, and filled with the desire to explore something different, we left Macedonia and went to London to pursue mundane life. Graduating in fine art and photography, we created a quiet comfortable, and cozy life and become embedded in the art and fashion world, that lasted for more than a decade. 

As the success and “security” was growing, so was the feeling of disconnection and dissatisfaction in both of us raising anxiety and glumness. After long and extended consideration we realized it is a time to get back on a spiritual path and once again to leave behind all that we work so hard to achieve. 

As anyone knows, being spiritually awakened is the most awesome experience one can have, but the path that takes us there is not always easy. We have experienced bliss, love, and alignment beyond our imagination, but unfortunately, at times we have been shaken, tested, and greatly challenged. We felt lost, disempowered, and all alone. During these times, in the depths of darkness we learned the most valuable lessons about ourselves, we broke through many

illusions and we found faith again. This is where we learn how to face our darkest shadows and gain victory over it. We learned how to turned our shadows into gold. 

So here we are 20 years later still feeling blessed to be able to inspire and motivate spiritually awaken women and men all over the world and share our work with everyone who feels called to it.

Love  xoxo

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Suzana S. (FateDev Kaur) C.Ht.

Holistic Healer and Spiritual Mentor

for Transpersonal Development

Shamanic Energy Healer

NLP & Timeline Master Coach 

Certified Hypnotherapist

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

Advanced Raw Food Nutrition Educator 

Reiki Master and Practitioner 

Kambo Practitioner


Jasmina S. (HansDev Kaur) 

Wellness Coach and Holistic Healer


Reiki Master and Practitioner 

Kundalini Yoga Teacher

EFT Practitioner

Electro-Crystal Therapist

Certified Hypnotherapist


We're  Here To  Support  you

Our belief is that you are a magickal being with unique gifts that you come to share with the world, and living a fulfilled, happy life is your birthright. Everything you need is already within you although sometimes guidance is needed to get clarity on how to unlock your full potential.

We know how life at times can be a struggle, we all get tested occasionally, yet at the seemingly worst moments is when the greatest transformations can happen. We are here to guide you through that process of transformation, healing, spiritual growth, and self-empowermentWe both believe in the beauty and power of your dreams, your message, and your mission even though sometimes you may not. LET US SUPPORT YOU!

Over 20 years we have inspired and worked with thousands of people that we watched transform and achieve wonderful results. We can do the same for you, you don't have to do it alone!

With our unique techniques, passed on from our ancestors, and some of the greatest healers that we learned from, we can help to clear and correct many of your limiting believes, unhealthy behaviors, and negative karmic patterns so you can be your authentic best self.

 Completely Devoted

To the path of divine spirituality, wellness, magic, and to our extraordinary inner-plane teachers and guides.

Deepest respect to our ancestors and all elders for gathering their knowledge, and wisdom and passing it on so we can share it all with you.

With gratitude to the First Nation and all other tribal people who are the wisdom keepers that are restoring the balance on this planet.

Hugely Supportive

Of people who care and have a love for others, Love for animals, Peaceful coexistence and sustainability, Kindness, Uniqueness and Diversity, Equality for all, Green World, and Mother Earth.

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Our healing services are addressing the spiritual causes of suffering and help you achieve wholeness in conjunction with whatever medical treatments your doctor has prescribed. Our healing services are complementary to traditional medical or psychiatric treatments, and NOT a replacement. For any medical conditions or emergencies, please consult your physician.

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